Animal Drawings

These expressive charcoal sketches make for a great, modern centrepiece to any home. Each print is based on a hand-drawn charcoal artwork by British artist, James Hollis.

Animal art inspiration, quote from the artist, James Hollis: -

“I was drawn to charcoal art because it allowed me to capture movement and shape in a realistic, distinctive way. It also encourages a spontaneity and creativeness that leads to quick, bold strokes and inventive art. Filling a large, blank sheet with a charcoal artwork is one of my most enjoyable experiences. I barely notice the dark smudges on my hands and face until after the work is completed, and it’s time to clean up!”

Here are some interesting facts about charcoal art:
  • Charcoal was often used in cave paintings from about 28 000 years ago. The oldest known cave artwork is a charcoal drawing of a zebra.
  • Charcoal sticks used by artists are often made of willow, or other wood, which is slowly burnt to produce charcoal.

Stunning prints based on original charcoal art by wildlife artist James Hollis to suit any home.


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Work has sold successfully through a number of online outlets, and is also held in art collections worldwide, I have exhibited in markets, gallery’s in the uk and have also been a BBC wildlife artist finalist in two categories.

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