Stunning Cow Prints

Gorgeous cow prints created from original paintings by James Hollis. Each signed open edition artwork is printed on high-quality paper. These cow art prints are modern and affordable, making them perfect for all tastes


Cow painting inspiration, quote from the artist, James Hollis:

“I love painting cows, trying to capture their gentle, expressive grace in an artwork. These cow prints are based on original paintings inspired by my travels to farms and fields throughout the UK, as well as experiences with many different cows. They are inquisitive animals”.!
Highland cow art inspiration - Quote from the artist, James Hollis: -

“Highland cows are a favourite to paint. Capturing the nature of these gorgeous cows in their element is equal parts challenging and rewarding. I enjoy exploring the wide selection of textures and colours that paintings of Highland cattle demand. This range attempts to blend the soft, gentleness of their temper, along with the quiet, wild majesty they exude.”
-Artist, James Hollis

Here are some interesting facts about cows:

  • There are over 800 species of cow worldwide.
  • Cows are incredibly social. Like people, they tend to make lifelong friends.
  • When eating, cows don’t bite grass, they curl their tongue around it, and pull it into their mouths.
  • Cattle comes from the French word ‘chatel’, which means property. This is because, for a long time, cattle were regarded as a sign of wealth.

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Work has sold successfully through a number of online outlets, and is also held in art collections worldwide, I have exhibited in markets, gallery’s in the uk and have also been a BBC wildlife artist finalist in two categories.

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